Another great job done by CJ Window Tinting in Dresden. This is a recent job at a local car dealer in Chatham of their showroom. We can install frosted window tinting in your home or office as well..


When consumers are looking to spruce up their homes, or storekeepers their storefronts and businesses, CJ Window Tinting (member of the International Window Film Association) knows that DECORATIVE FILMS can be the way to go..


*Decorative film is less expensive than decorative glass

*Decorative film looks like decorative glass

*Stengthens the glass,instead of weakening it

*Privacy for office buildings or home space(bathroom windows)

*Improves the interior design of any space quickly,efficiently,while saving lots of needless expense.


For A FREE Estimate on Decorative Film for your home or office give Carl or Jill CJ Window Tinting a call today 519-683-1175

A great job done by CJ Window Tinting. This is a view of the front of a real estate office in Chatham with frosted film..